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moving experiences.
deeper bonds.
better humans.

M.path pr is a public relations firm with bi-coastal offices. We work with businesses and individuals to strategically define identities and craft messaging strategies around that. Our goal is to better align brands with their truest purpose, and we do that by giving our clients the resources, support and structure they need to step into the spotlight and speak their truth. As a closely aligned partner, we help to hold them accountable, maintain alignment and connect proper positioning to marketing and sales strategies to help our clients reach their goals. 

Tonia Fish is widely known as a catalyst for helping businesses and individuals breakthrough and step into their desired purpose. She thrives on solving problems and believes most can be solved through honest communication. As a natural connector, ardent facilitator, and passionate catalyst, Tonia’s involvement makes projects easier, obstacles disappear and events and experiences unforgettable.


Tonia’s career has bridged the worlds of high-powered enterprises and compassionate nonprofits coast to coast from San Francisco to New York City. Through her work, she has cultivated unique and memorable experiences that elevated companies through marketing and operations to reach new levels as leaders in their industries.


Mary Beth Lehman has built her reputation on truthful storytelling, beginning her career first as a reporter before moving into marketing and public relations roles, where she flipped the script and infused honesty into effective and persuasive communication. 


Mary Beth has a passion for gathering facts and weaving them beautifully into impeccable solutions that provide welcome support and direction to our clients, releasing them from where they are stuck and propelling them onto a clear and profitable path. Using a beautiful blend of psychology, empathy and research, she has a knack for really hearing what is said and intuiting what has not been to craft beautiful and strategic stories that leverage our clients’ messaging to launch them toward their goals.


Together, Tonia and Mary Beth offer an exquisite level of support and direction to clients as they work with them to properly position and promote their brands into stronger and more profitable alignment with their audiences. 

Our philosophy is simple. Business is emotion. 


Empathy is the ability to understand what your audience is feeling or experiencing. 


Public Relations is about publicly forming relationships that position companies for successful sales. Through empathy, intuition and strategy, we create strong emotional bonds that motivate people to take the next step. 


Every action starts with emotion. Algorithms make unemotional calculations. Emotions drive the decisions that drive the algorithms. 


Compassionate communication with practice and discipline form the bonds that make audiences feel connected and cared for.



We create thought leaders who articulate authentically. 



We build deeper bonds between our clients and their customers.



We support and nurture the sales process to leverage emotion into action.

We work with clients we believe in.


We’d like to get to know you. Contact us to discuss your positioning needs.

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