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find your truth.

speak your truth. 

sell your truth.

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The Mirror

The important part of any positioning plan is to start with an immersive look within. We start with a deep dive of research and immersion into what makes you tick and what makes you special, before developing a comprehensive plan for a path forward. This process involves getting up close and personal with the whole story as well as the people in it
The Web
So many organizations with great stories to tell have found themselves unable to tell them while they spend precious time chasing the momentum of many opportunities and ideas  in several directions. This creates a web in which they find themselves stuck, paralyzed and unable to move substantially forward in any direction.
The Tree
We work with our clients to untangle the knots and identify opportunities that make sense of the full story. We transform your web into a tree with a solid trunk, supported by unified messaging and branches that are strengthened through a sturdy base. 
The Path
Using this guidance, we lay out a comprehensive strategic plan for positioning that brings it all together and gives you a path forward, knowing where you are headed and why, as well as what tactics and strategies it will take to get there. 
The Shepherd 
Because we are working on both the plan and the guidance for implementation, we are able to implement immediately and also shepherd the process forward, reduce budget and shorten timelines to make sure the foundational blocks for success are implemented quickly and efficiently, representing your goals along the way. We find the partners and direct the process or work with existing teams to make sure the vision for the path forward is followed throughout. 
The Stage
Together, we are building the stage you will stand on to make your message heard. We work to find the right megaphones and magnifying glass to make sure your story is told in the right ways in the proper channels to meet your ultimate goals as an organization.
Total Alignment
As a result of this process, you are able to harness your greatest truth as an asset to move your organization forward, reaching total alignment with your strategy and positioning yourself in an honest and genuine way, so you can finally  step onto the stage and represent your brand fully and authentically. 

Are you ready to get real with your message? 

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